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Chief Jack House
Last of the traditional Chiefs of the Ute Tribe

This bronze bust is displayed in the kiva-like Council Chamber of the Ute Mountain Council building in Towaoc, Colorado.

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Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

The pages below offer a glimpse of the colorful past and the dynamic present and future of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

The Story of the Ute Tribe
Several sections including History, Chronology, Legends and Children's Stories, Government, and Future Plans


Come visit these sites on the
Ute Reservation

Ute Mountain Tribal Park
Visit the ruins of the ancestral Pueblos

Pottery Factory
Beautiful pictures of fine traditional pottery

Ute Mountain Casino
Where gaming is just part of the fun

Ute Mountain Casino RV Park
Perfect jumping off point to explore
the great Southwest

Other Attractions near the Ute Reservation

San Juan Skyway
A 236-mile loop through the most beautiful scenery in America.

Southwest Colorado Hiking Guide
Some suggestions for great hiking trails, biking, and horseback riding trails.

Location Map and Area Attractions
Scenic sites in the Four Corners area

Photo Album
Historic photos from as far back
as the 1880's

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